Diesel Service Korea Co. is Korea's distributor and service center of Heart Ridge which is the official authorized testing equipment maker of Delphi, Denso, Continental, and Stanada personnel, the world's diesel fuel injection equipment maker.
Common rail injector tester

Common rail injector tester

IFT-200 Common Rail Injector Test

The cost of servicing the Common Rail aftermarket can be too costly for workshops entering this exciting and profitable sector so Hartridge has released the IFT-200 to meet this gap in the market. Simple to install and run, the IFT-200 is affordable yet fully-featured and, as always, supported by Hartridge’s unrivalled service network.


The new Hartridge IFT-200 Common Rail Injector Function Tester provides a low cost, full pressure solution to allow workshops to offer injector testing to their customers, creating new revenue streams and greater customer retention for the workshop.


This provides a unique opportunity for workshops to enter the Common rail market with “All Makes” testing and then progress with a defined path and Buy Back* scheme to an authorised network solution.


Fully featured yet economical to purchase, install and run, the IFT-200 provides a platform to assist workshops to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Common Rail market, allowing revenue and profit to be generated from the testing of injectors plus the opportunity to retain more customers and more work within the workshop.

IFT-200 Overview

  • 2000 Bar
  • 4 Line Delivery measurement
  • 4 Line Back Leak measurement
  • Injector Flushing capability
  • Simple operation
  • Magmah touch screen interface
  • Low cost application coverage
  • Low number of adaptors
  • Combined resistance and driver cables
  • Low cost installation and running
  • Plug and Go
  • Single phase
  • No compressed air required
  • No cooling water required
  • Commercial upgrade to Delphi Authorised Status
  • Buy Back Guarantee*

IFT-200 Features


  • 4-line injector flow measurement
  • 4-line backlick flow measurement
  • Measuring injector resistance
  • Measuring injector reaction time (option)



  • Safety door lock
  • Emergency pressure release button
  • The durability of the ultra-high pressure dump valve



  • Touch screen
  • Magma-based interface
  • Heart Ridge Machine Controller
  • System control of the integration board
  • Plan Editor Test
  • Print and save result



  • Simple injector mounting
  • Relative few parts
  • Flexible and easy to adjust
  • Flush injector (option)


Fuel system

  • High-pressure common rail pump
  • Transfer pump lift
  • Main, clean and purge tank
  • Easy replacement and drainage of fuel filter



■ Weight
Weight in the empty state: 345kg
Dimensions: 820x810x2000mm (DxWxH)
(Without touch screen)
need a clearance of about 1 meter on all sides



■ Air Compressor & Coolant
No need



■ Electricity

Power supply
- Voltage : 220-240V
- Frequency : 50/60Hz
- Current : 15A max operating current / Machine fused at 20A

PC Power supply
- Voltage : 100-240V
- Frequency : 50/60Hz



■ Test oil
Fuel suitability : ISO4113
Test Oil Tank Capacity : 18 litres (15 litre Main Tank, 3 litre Clean Tank)
Flushing Oil Tank Capacity : 25 litres
Filter : 2 µm (clean tank)
uel supply Temperature control
- Control method : Automatic cooling control (PC control)
- Control range : 40°C +/-5

Fuel supply Temperature measurement
- Range : 0 to 80 °C
- Accuracy : +/- 0.5 °C
- Resolution : 0.1 °C

- High temperature control device : Yes (trip 70±3°C, reset 55±4°C)
- Oil Low Level Warning Device : Yes ((Main, Clean Tank)
- Oil High Level Warning Device : Yes (Flushing Tank)



■ Drive motor
Power : 2.2 kW
Speed Control : N/A (Synchronous)



■ High pressure supply (by rail)
Supply pump fuel (maximum) : 0.8 l/min
* Pump fuel supply is regulated by a regulating system that depends on the rail pressure requirement.

Pressure regulation
- Control method : Adjustable (PC control)
- Adjustable range : 200-2000 bar adjustable depending on total flow and backlit volume
- Adjustment stability (static) : +/- 10 bar or +/- 1%
- Dynamic change (load change) : Control stability regained within 5 seconds for majority of cases.
- Dynamic response(new setpoint) : New setpoint achieved within 10 seconds for majority of cases

Pressure measurement
- Range : 0 - 2200 바
- Accuracy : +/- 1%
- Adjustable unit : 1 바



■ Injector clamping
Manual clamping method
Pulse Width : 0/150 - 4000 µs (1µs increase / decrease)
Injection Speed : 200 - 3000 ipm (1ipm increase / decrease)
Injector Range : Delphi, Denso, Bosch, Continental All injectors (including piezo) can be tested



■ Measurement period time
Measurement method: 0 to 9999 seconds Number of injections
Measurement method: 0 to 9999 times



■ Injection amount and back leak
Measuring type : Cylinder measurement method (manual measurement, automatic drainage)
Measuring range : 6 - 80ml, 2ml
Fill time: 10 - 60 seconds in general, measurement by flow rate (More time if the amount of injection is very low) measurements based on the number of injections



■ Injector resistance value (coil injector only)
Range : 0 - 9.99 W
Accuracy : +/- 0.1 W
Unit : 0.1 W
Measuring time : 5 sec


■ Measuring injector reaction time (option)
Range : 0 - 999 µs
Accuracy : +/- 20 µs
Unit : 1 µs
Measuring time : 0.5 sec



As stated, the economical IFT-200 is perfect for workshops looking to enter the common rail aftermarket market.
The value of testing and flushing equipment is maximized for workshops running with limited space and budget.
In addition, Hartridge's Buy-Back Offer strongly supports the IFT-200 as the first investment for OEM-certified equipment, making it easier to jump to AVM2-PC or CRI-4PC later on.
Common Rail Aftermarket holds almost all of the market share for diesel cars and also growing steadily.
Start your business with the IFT-200s of Hartridge and dream of making lasting profits.