Diesel Service Korea Co. is Korea's distributor and service center of Heart Ridge which is the official authorized testing equipment maker of Delphi, Denso, Continental, and Stanada personnel, the world's diesel fuel injection equipment maker.
Common rail injector tester

Common rail injector tester

IFR-50 Flushing Equipment

If you test dirty injectors on common rail test equipment, you may experience problems. This can have a large impact on equipment and may require frequent maintenance and expensive repair costs. In addition, many injectors may contain bio-materials and water, which are delivered to the workplace, which can reduce the life of all test oils and filters and can seriously affect the vehicle.
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) emphasize the importance of cleanliness of the injector test. In addition, the complexity of the injector test means that the test system, including oil and filters, the test equipment always needs to be maintained to ensure it runs at peak performance.

At least one OEM is required to use the IFR - 50 as part of its testing and recovery procedures.
Hartridge has the solution: The IFR-50 provides the ability to clean the initial flush of dirty oil up to 4 cylinder injectors.

The cleaning method of IFR-50 is user-definable.
1. Injector selection (1, 2, 3 and 4 lines can be individually selected ON / OFF)
2. Pulse width adjustment from 0.1ms to 3.0ms in 0.1ms increments
3. Adjust dispensing speed of 100–3000 IPM per 100 IPM units
4. Adjustment of injector flushing cleaning time 0-60 minutes
5. Injector type (Bosch, Delphi, Denso Solenoid, Continental Piezo)