Diesel Service Korea Co. is Korea's distributor and service center of Heart Ridge which is the official authorized testing equipment maker of Delphi, Denso, Continental, and Stanada personnel, the world's diesel fuel injection equipment maker.
Common rail pump tester

Common rail pump tester


Future upgrade directions for automatic pressure regulation, test speeds up to 6500 rpm and 3000 bar test pressure provide fast and simple testing for all manufacturers of common rail pumps.
So, it is possible to increase the time for other test platforms.
- Provides additional business opportunities and increased throughput.
The stand-alone platform allows Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens common rail pumps to be tested easily with CRi-PC.
Once adjusted with Heart Ridge's proprietary resale software, Magma and CRp-PC, CRp-pc performs the ability to store repeat standard tests with test plan generation.


- stand-alone machine
- Allows all manufacturers of common rail pumps to test
- Software-based magma
- AC motor
- Power output 22kw (30hp)
- Speed range: 30 - 6500rpm
- Pressure rating up to 2500 bar
- Weighing through the flow meter
- Option to upgrade manual test to automatic test
- Integrated clear polycarbonate protection device with interlocking safety door


- Service workload development
- Pump facility similar to AVM2-PC
- Release AVM2-PC for other tests
- Entry point of common rail pump test market
- Correlation between AVM2-PC and test results
- Small size design


- 2000 bar manual pressure control
- 2000 bar manual pressure control
- 2000 bar manual pressure control
- Lubricant