Diesel Service Korea Co. is Korea's distributor and service center of Heart Ridge which is the official authorized testing equipment maker of Delphi, Denso, Continental, and Stanada personnel, the world's diesel fuel injection equipment maker.
Common rail injector tester

Common rail injector tester

CRi-PC test equipment

The Hartridge CRI-PC test equipment is designed for workshops to reduce test costs.
And the all-make common rail injector test platform is intended to provide quick setup and test convenience.
You can select either 1 line or 4 lines.
CRI-PC, an all-make common rail injector test equipment, can provide each service workshop with a hard-adaptation kit for the desired injector.


* User-friendly control through magma software
* Can be operated manually and automatically
* Ability to create, edit, and save test plans
* View and print stored test plan and results
* Semi-automatic function of injector clamping
* Protective glass membrane and safety door made by polycarbonate
* Injector flow measurement function (electronic measurement)
* Injector coil resistance measurement function (electronic measurement type)
* Backlick flow rate and temperature measurement function (option)


* Tests of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens (Continental) injectors
* Test up to 4 injectors at once
* Optional structure - Only buyer can buy kit
* Quick diagnosis of broken injector

Technical Features

* Rail pressure adjustment: electronic control using high pressure fuel pump
* Injector test: Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens injectors, each with its own voltage current and pulse width adjustment
(No other equipment will provide the unique current, voltage that is applied to the actual vehicle)
* Injector flow measurement
* Injector coil resistance measurement
* Injector reaction time measurement
* Backlick flow rate and temperature measurement (option)

Additional Accessories Kit

* HK901 Backlit Measuring Unit
* HK901-P backlick pressure application unit
* Injector cables
* Nose piece adapter (nozzle adapters)
* Clamp blocks
* High pressure pipes (injectors on rails)
* Back leak adapters
* HK811 Printer - Please refer all Make Common Rail Injector Test Application Range & Part Matrix

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